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The miracles of supporting community and giving back is full-circle! 

Our campaigns give back to community and youth programs and services.

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From the Founder,

It began with a passion inspired by nature!

At age 14, in my kitchen, I started mixing honey, milk and natural ingredients to make skin and hair remedies for myself and family to try.  Instantaneously as almost a force of nature, I became passionate about the ‘elements of nature,’ and was so fascinated by how they produce products we use every day. 

I would go to the market with my mom weekly picking out, mixing and trying new all-natural remedies daily.  From chamomile and lavender, to …. My mom was my biggest cheerleader and supporter.  Eagerly she was always trying all my creations.

It was from there in my kitchen, my love of creating products that celebrate the therapeutic properties of nature’s ingredients was born.

I took raw, pure, organic, and natural ingredients, carefully crafted them into treatments for hair and skin.  My first customers were friends and family who wanted a way to nourish themselves the natural way. 

Even while in college and getting my degree in languages and translations, and then a Master’s Degree in English Literature, I was still formulating when I wasn’t studying. It was actually after I got married and we decided to start a family, for the first time I found myself having less time to dedicate to formulating. 

Motherhood was the number one biggest dream of mine, so raising our children was a natural focus.

But in the back of my mind, as I was raising our children, though the infant years, I kept having dreams of creating my own line of all-natural products.  I dreamed of teaching my children about the beauty of nature, and as they got older, I could envision myself being their role model of believing in one’s dreams.  I still formulated, when I could in small quantities for myself and immediate family, it was innately in me. But not in the same capacity, of course. I still would wake up with ideas, as I was someone who dreamed in formulations.  Sharing them with my husband, mom and close family and friends.

In 2015, as the children got older, now toddlers and into the K – 12 years, I started almost subconsciously, researching formulation schools.  I was instantly in awe of Formula Botanica.  I enrolled instantly, almost without hesitation.  I felt in my ‘formulation heart,’ I had found the perfect place to put my passion and love of all natural products into action.  

Their concepts and ingredients were amazing. My husband and mom supported me 100%.  As I was making sure this was the right step for our children and family. My mom was always helping with raising our children. And my husband was my second biggest cheerleader after my mom, and always supporting and encouraging my passion for formulation. 

After completing my program at Formula Botanica, and receiving my certification diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, it was a really special feeling. An accomplishment, I felt more than even my graduate school degree. Education has always been very important to myself and my family. But to think I had this very special paper (I have proudly set-up in my formulation lab in my home and in my kitchen of course), saying I was a professional formulation expert, just still doesn’t seem real!  

In 2018 our family moved to the United States. I was born in Egypt, and lived in the Middle East for over 30 years, so it was a bit of an adjustment when we moved. I was nervous at times leaving the comforts of my family and my mom (my most special cheerleader in the entirety of my life). Also I would have thought my English Literature degree would have made me less nervous, moving to the United States, but it was my ‘formulation diploma’ that made me feel like I could accomplish this hurdle. Without knowing what was next.

I knew moving to the US was going to be one of the biggest challenges of my life. But I always believed “challenges are what makes us stronger!”

During and after the move I continued formulating and dreaming of my own line.  Then serendipitously being inspired by the beauty of the new community that has now become my home, in 2020, with the support of my husband, mom, family and friends, I started my own Skincare & Cosmetic brand. 

It has been the most beautiful journey ever since. I love that my children get to see my passion which started at their now ages, become a reality. 

My favorite phrase is “believe in all the miracles you can be and more.” So, I couldn’t think of a better name for all-natural products that nourish us inside and out, with the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

“Miracles & More”

It is about the miracles of nature, and creating your own miracles in life.

Inspired by nature!